Currently Reading

As many others this year, one of my resolutions was to read more. In my diary, I gave myself a goal of 15 books this year, on my goodreads profile the goal says 20… We will see which one I achieve. Almost two months in, I am currently on my 4th read, so the year has started pretty well.

However, one thing that I have been finding hard about this resolution, is not so much the reading itself, but the answer to the question “what to read next” I know the reason why I have stopped reading in the past: I come across one boring book, and instead of leaving it, I drag it out for two months during which I read around 4 pages per day, until I finish the damn thing. This is why this time around, I would like to make sure the books I start reading are those which are going to entertain me and make me want to keep reading. They don’t all have to be page-turners, but I am done reading intellectual books that bore me out of my mind just to be able to say I’ve read them.
If you are also looking for some inspiration in the “what to read” department, here’s a list of the books that I’ve read/I’m reading/I will soon read.

1. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro
First book I read this year couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s all about Kathy’s life, from her childhood to her mid thirties, her journey to discover what makes her different, and what her purpose in life really is. Never Let Me Go talks about love and friendship in such a beautiful and nostalgic way, that at times, it makes you forget how terrible the story that’s being narrated really is. I put down this book and had to take a good 20 minutes to process everything I had just read.

2. Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood was tender, confusing and creepy all at the same time. It tells the story of a young boy and his relationship with two very different girls: Naoko and Midori. Although not as surrealist as other pieces by Murakami, it still left me with the feeling of “why are you telling me this?” at times, and, more disturbingly, I couldn’t help but feel like some fractions of it were the fantasies of some random guy jerking off (sorry to put it so crudely, but it’s true). Those specific parts aside, it was a good read, but not an awesome one, in my opinion.

3. The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

I must say, I am usually not a big fan of crime novels. Most of the time I find it hard to get invested in the characters, and to actually care about who killed whom. The Girl On The Train, however, has such realistic characters, that after page 20ish I was hooked. Narrated from the perspective of three different women, all of them are unconventional in their own way, which I found incredibly refreshing. In this book, Rachel, a struggling alcoholic, finds herself in the middle of a horrible event. Other than making you want to read the whole thing in one sitting, this book will definitely make you rethink your relationship with alcohol.

4. Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste NG

I haven’t actually started this book yet, but The Anna Edit recommended it, and I adore her, and trust her taste, so I thought I would give it a go. It’s supposed to be all about family, adoption and relationships, so I am excited to start it. I will keep you posted.

5. Dress Scandinavian – Pernille Teisbæk

And while reading all of that fiction, I have been dipping in and out of this nonfiction book. What drew me to it? Easy: the cover, the colors, THE NAME, and the fact that basically everyone and her mother had recommended it to me. So far I am actually not that impressed. The book itself is beautiful, with colorful pages here and there, and pretty collages everywhere, but the concepts in it are really not that groundbreaking. It seems a bit generic, and I am not sure how many of this tips I am going to be able to apply to my actual wardrobe… but we will see, maybe I change my mind.

And that’s it. Those are the books that I have been reading and buying these months. On my to read list: The Remains of the day, also by Kazuo Ishiguro (I loved Never Let Me Go THAT MUCH), Eleonor Opliphant is Completely Fine, and hopefully something more upbeat… I would like to laugh out loud with a book again just like I did with Bridget Jones Diary. Whatever it is, I will try to make a post about them when I have read them.