Self care and film

Weekends have become this sacred thing, when, suddenly, I get all the time in the world. This should be a relaxing thought, yet, somehow I manage to turn it into something stressful too. I have to enjoy it, make every minute count… And the thought of that precious time passing by gives me a touch of anxiety.

This Saturday, all those thoughts went finally quiet, when I went out for a walk in my town, and stopped by the photography store to pick up the pictures that I left to develop the previous week. I brought them outside the store without opening the envelope, sat in a bench close by, and dove in.

I found a bunch of finger tips intruding in the pictures (see bellow for example), blurry images, over exposed skies… What could I expect? I had taken all of the pictures with a disposable camera. My pride as an amateur photographer was hurt, and yet, I was smiling.

Not even the crappiest of cameras could beat the colours the sun brings out when it is setting. Nor the good times I spent in Berlin, or the smile of my boyfriend when I caught him off guard. Film photography, and the excitement that comes with it just before you get to see the pictures, turns out to be a great form of self-care. I hope to keep it up, and stop stressing.