Great spring activities that have nothing to do with cleaning

After a winter spent in the shape of a duvet-covered-burrito, I feel myself slowly coming out of my cocoon. The weather is getting better, the birds are singing, the days are getting longer and my immediate thought is not “give me my bed” when leaving work. At a risk of sounding overly dramatic I will say it: It feels like my life is finally starting again.

If you need any proof of the magical effects of light, look at me: typing away this post at 19:20 PM, instead of letting my brain melt in front of Netflix. Pretty impressive, huh? And what to do with all this extra energy I feel now that the sun is up a bit later every day? I present you here with a list of some of my favorite spring activities that I intend to do instead of spring cleaning my apartment (someone care to explain why cleaning should be done in spring???).

1. Golden Hour Walks

Yeah alright, walks during any time of the day would do, but there’s something about the last hours of sun that makes everything looks so beautiful. People look prettier, colors look brighter, and Instagram stories look way better. I am most productive during the morning, so I usually go to the gym, clean, do some cooking and annoying little chores when I know I have more energy, and leave the time to rest for later in the day. It’s a great way to clear your head after a day of good ol’ productivity.

2. Morning Runs

I will spare you the rant about how Germany has no air-conditioning anywhere including the gym (I could honestly write a whole post on that topic only). But the truth is, as the days get warmer, and the gym gets smellier, I am enjoying morning runs more and more. The sun comes out early enough (5:30) to go out running before all the cars, bikes and pedestrians hit the streets, and I love the feeling of having the city all to myself. Besides, it takes 30-40 minutes of your morning, and then you are DONE. You already did your workout of the day before most people had breakfast: Congratulations!

3. Flower/Strawberry picking

This is one I used to do as a kid with my family, and I am very excited to do it again. I have heard there are some good places not too far from Munich where you can do it, and I think it’s such an easy and cheap way to do something different on a Saturday. If they sell strawberry ice-cream here, as in the place I used to go in Spain, then bonus points!

4. Salads!

Is it lame that salads made it to the list? I do love myself a hearty dish like lentil soup or vegetable puree… but I am getting kind of tired of them. I am excited to try out different salad recipes this spring, and I might try to make Gazpacho again from scratch. Last summer we couldn’t get the amount of garlic right… but we will give it another go!

5. Wardrobe update

This one I might be doing this weekend, and sharing on the blog later next week. I am BEYOND excited to bring out the storage boxes from under the bed and rediscover my spring/summer clothing. Every 6 months I forget about some of the pieces I have tucked away, and it’s such a nice feeling to see them again. It feels like getting new clothes for free.

It’s not really that warm in Munich yet (11ºC today) but I am flying to Spain next weekend, I will definitely need some warmer outfits there.

6. Hikes and Lakes

Last but not least, I am excited to go back to the mountains. Living in Munich we have the alps pretty close to us, and I love spending a Sunday surrounded by nature to get away from the city. Depending on how sporty I am feeling, I might chose a challenging hike, or to just relax next to some of the beautiful lakes surrounding Munich.

And there you have it! A list of things to do in Spring that don’t involve cleaning. If I convinced you to put down the mop and broom and give one of these a try, please do let me know. In the meantime, I will keep pondering over whether or not I can afford a cleaning lady.