A small spring wardrobe

Yet another spring-themed blog post coming your way. Can you tell I am excited about the change of seasons? As I mentioned in my last post this weekend I changed my winter wardrobe for a spring one. It wasn’t pretty. At some point I had almost no floor where I could step on, and was low-key panicking at how much clothes I own.

A couple of hours and a very mature tantrum later, I had selected 33 items of clothing (excluding occasion wear, pajamas or workout clothes) which I can now share with you:

1. Tops

This may have been the trickier section of them all. I started with around 22 tops that I would consider season-appropiate, and managed to reduce it to 14. There’s a lot of black and white, to match comfortably with my more colorful bottoms, as well as some earthy tones. No surprises there.

Also: please ignore the wrinkles. I have a lot of ironing to do today.

2. Outer Layers

I am creating this wardrobe in the middle of April which means for a month or so it will still be pretty cold. This is why I decided to keep out so many knits, because, whether I like it or not, I don’t live in sunny Spain anymore. I may want to replace my jean jacket, since it has a hole in the back… but I have had it for 10 years, and I love it so much… 😦

3. Bottoms

Bottoms are all about midi skirts and jeans. The embroidered ones are actually quite uncomfortable, even though they are gorgeous… so I might be replacing them in the near future for some other blue jeans with a twist.

3. Dresses

I love me a good dress. Put it on with a pair of sandals and: DONE. No need to match it to anything, your outfit is ready. Sadly this is the category that is looking a bit more sparse this spring, so I might also purchase a new dress further down the line.

And there you have it! A small spring wardrobe! I have purposefully not called it a capsule wardrobe, because I don’t want to give myself such hard limits. I am trying to reduce the amount of items I buy, while at the same time having fun with my personal style. So I think “a small wardrobe” suits me just fine.

In the wishlist for this season we have:
  1. Shoes. Maybe a couple of pairs because I destroy those that I own no matter how expensive and good quality they are.
  2. More comfortable blue jeans.
  3. An earthy flowy and comfortable dress.
  4. A jean jacket? Maybe? Maybe no one notices the hole in mine?

What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobes? Do you think they actually help you buy less and lead a more sustainable life-style? Let me know!

*Please note that as an exception the featured image on this post is from Unsplash since my closet is not really photogenic.