Acts of self-care that are sustainable and *free*

Self-care has become this huge buzz-word. Everyone is talking about it and trying to make money off of it. More and more we are painting a picture of self-care in our collective imaginary and of how that looks like: scented candles, luxurious face masks and body creams, days at the spa, a fresh manicure… I am not saying these things don’t feel good (hell, I am sporting a permanent manicure myself as I am typing this), but I am writing this to share with you alternative acts of self-care that don’t involve chemicals, plastic wrappings or having to spend a fortune.

I often find that these acts ground me and make me feel more balanced that something superficial that aims only to make me look better. Besides, I find joy in knowing that I am not hurting our beloved Planet Earth or my wallet in the process.

Note: I am aware some of these are not 100% free (to take a hot bath you do need to pay for the hot water), hence the asterisks around *free*

Use your Body
  • Do yoga
  • Go out for a run
  • Dance like a crazy person in your bedroom (extra points for doing it in your underwear)
  • Walk around your city and discover new neighborhoods
  • Set yourself a goal and work towards it (1 minute plank, completing a pull-up… you name it)
Use your Mind
  • Journal
  • Be creative: paint, draw, make Papier Mache bunnies.
  • Read a good book (extra points for taking it from your local library)
  • Learn a new language or skill
Calm down
  • Meditate
  • Take a hot bath
  • Turn off your phone and have a digital detox for a morning, a day, a weekend… up to you
  • Make yourself a nice cup of hot tea
  • Go outside a pick out wild flowers to bring home. Enjoy nature.
  • Go on a hike and do the same
  • Have a deep, meaningful conversation with your friend
  • Call your mum before she calls you
  • Watch a video that makes you laugh uncontrollably

A lot of the times being more mindful of the things we do on our daily basis: like showering or drinking tea, can transform something from a routine, to an act of self love. By being intentional with our time and attention, we can feel better without needing to buy into the thousands of products that are being marketed towards us every day.

What are your favorite acts of self-love? I won’t bite you if the answer is a face-mask 😉