April’s Gratitude Journal: light, loved ones and balance

I have heard wonders of the habit of writing down the things you are grateful for every night before bed. I even tried it out myself for a couple of months when I was in college… but let’s be real: I am a glass-half-empty kinda gal. I would stare at the blank page every night thinking “what am I grateful for?” and ended up writing down things like

The light summer breeze during lunch break

I was not thankful for the light summer breeze. I just couldn’t keep staring at that white piece of paper implying that I wasn’t thankful for anything and was therefore leading an unhappy life. So I stopped writing those gratitude lists, and let my stressed and pessimistic self go to bed in peace every night after that.

In the quest for balance, though, I thought I would dedicate the last day of the month to try and think honestly about what made me feel grateful. Maybe one day per month I can try and be grateful, and continue stressing and being whiny the other 29.

  1. Reconnecting with my family and friends. I visited Spain during the second half of this month and met all the people I had been missing
  2. Exploring my family’s atelier. The pictures on this post are from that afternoon. That old building is where my grandparents and mother used to work on all their art. It was beautiful to see all those paintings and sculptures they made, as well as visiting a building where I used to spend so much time as a kid.
  3. My last day at work. Saying goodbye to all my colleagues, having drinks and dinner with them and promising to stay in touch was heartwarming to say the least.
  4. The longer days. I will probably be talking about how happy light makes me until late August. It truly has such a huge impact in my mood.
  5. One month of blogging! I launched this blog on the 3rd of April, and have been loving it since. Having an outlet for my thoughts and creative projects (like photography and collage) has inspired me so much.

See? That was not difficult to type at all. I can easily come up with 5 things per month, but 3 per day was just too much for this brain of mine. Hopefully I can keep this up and do a little round up every end of the month.

Honorable (and less intense) mentions are:

  • The fact that I can now have ice-cream basically every day
  • Flea market season has started in Munich
  • I ran my fastest 5k ever πŸ˜€
  • Spanish tapas and the extra 2 kilos they made me put on
  • Booking a holiday to Mallorca in May where I get to show them off

What about you? What made you feel grateful this month? Do you get as excited as me about ice-cream and daylight?