Spring favorites that lift my mood even when it feels like f***ing January

As you may know, I came back from Spain recently and ever since, Munich has been grey, rainy and miserable. Whatever happened to the sun, the ice-cream and all those flowy dresses that I was planning on wearing? Have we not suffered enough? Apparently not.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the things that have helped me every time that I just wanted to pack my suitcase and run away to somewhere warmer or hide under the covers and hibernate until it’s AT LEAST 25 degrees and sunny outside.

1. Rituals Scented Spray

This was a birthday present back in March, and I have been loving to spray it on my pillow before bed. This particular scent reminds me of clean laundry, so it’s a win-win, because it’s relaxing, and it gives off the illusion that I have my life together and actually wash my sheets frequently.

All jokes aside, I find that associating a scent with bedtime works wonders for me and helps me relax and fall asleep more easily. Of course they sell sprays specifically for this purpose, but for me just having that scent that you smell every night before bed already tricks my brain into thinking it’s time to sleep.

2. Mango Golden Earrings

Also a birthday present from a lovely friend of mine, I have basically not taken these off since March. I love that they are simple (plain golden earrings) but with a twist (their thickness). Not long ago I used to be super embarrassed of my “big” ears and never want to draw attention to them, but since a couple of years ago I have decided that earrings are too fun to miss out on and life is too short to care about silly things like that.

3. Film Disposable Camera

I am very much a film dummy, and have only played around with it two or three times in my life. I find film slightly intimidating, mostly because of the high levels of human interaction in requires: I assume you actually have to go to the store and TALK to the guy behind the desk, ask about the best film for you, the developing times… No thanks.

But disposable cameras are the opposite of intimidating. Anybody can use them, and you still get to enjoy the exciting moment of picking up your photos and finding out how they turned out. It’s all about balance, kids.

4. Glittery Nails

Every time I go to Spain I get a permanent manicure, because it costs 15 euros to get it done there, opposite to the 35 it costs in Munich, thankyouverymuch. Problem is, even though the nailpolish stays on for a really long time, my nails grow pretty fast, so by week two I already have a good portion of my boring, unpolished nail showing.

Solution? Glitter! I have been putting it on the growing parts of my nails (I am sure there is a fancier word for that, I just cannot think of it) and it has bought me an extra week of two of fancy permanent manicure.

5. The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

I know most people are already familiar with Rupi Kaur’s work. I myself read her previous book Milk and Honey and bought The Sun and her Flowers when it came out, but honestly, I never picked it up until recently. I am usually not much of a poetry reader, but I have been enjoying dipping in and out of it before bed. I know I won’t get too into it and stay up until 4 in the morning, and I am always a bit more relax after closing it.

6. White Cotton Dress

Now I don’t really know if this is cheering me up during the rainy days or doing quite the opposite (probably the later, let’s be real). But it’s too beautiful not to mention it. I bought it from Zara last year, so I cannot share a link with you, but honestly any white midi dress would do the trick for me. I was able to wear it on my trip to Spain and I cannot wait until I can put it on again. I mean look at it!

And that’s it! Those are some of the things that are helping me remain sane during these cloudy and cold days of spring. Hopefully the sun will come out before I have to resort to harder measures.

In the meantime I would love to know, how’s your spring going? Are you able to do some lovely spring activities yet? Or are you still hiding under 4 layers of clothing just like me?