Reminiscing about Mallorca

This week has been my first week at a new job, and after a very slow two months in my last position, and month of holiday in between jobs I am finding myself slightly overwhelmed. I forgot what it feels like to always have a couple of unread emails in your inbox that you just don’t get around to reading, to have to reprioritize your to do list because “more urgent” things keep coming up. I am excited for the new challenge, but it’s gonna take me a bit to adjust.

So in the meantime, I find myself reminiscing about the lovely trip my boyfriend and I took to Mallorca in the beginning of the month. The sun, the beach, the afternoon walks around pretty beach towns, the scent of sunscreen and the taste of paella.

The first day, since it was still a bit cold, we drove up to the Sierra de Tramontana (the mountain range in the north part of the island). We visited the towns of Puerto de Soller, Valldemosa and Deyรก. We enjoyed some ice-cream, walk around and took an indecent amount of pictures. The only bad thing: trying to drive in those tiny roads with cyclist at every turn. It’s a miracle we didn’t crash our rental car.

The second day was kind of lazy, we just chilled by the pool. I read quite a lot of my book and watched RuPaul All Stars since they don’t have that in German Netflix but they do in Spanish Netflix (German Netflix sucks :)). We did have some amazing Fidegua, though, which is like paella but with small noodles instead of rice… A personal favorite, and of course, more ice-cream.

Third day was all about those beautiful sea-side markets. I was very very very tempted by some straw bags… but I don’t think adding more pieces to my closet that I can only wear during the summer months is going to help my seasonal depression come October, so I refrained. Instead, guess what I got? You guessed correctly: ice-cream.

Last day the weather was beautiful, I am talking 25ยบ and sunny, so it was beach day! The water was crystal clear and we had the place all to ourselves, since it was still a bit too early in the year for the waves of tourists that hit Mallorca every summer. I do wish we had stayed longer… at least a week or so, since I had the constant feeling of urgency, of having to enjoy every single second before the time ran out. But hey, maybe next time we get to go for longer.

Do you have any holiday planned for this year? Anywhere close to the beach and full of sun? Do make me jealous! I can take it!