Some of my guilty pleasures that are not that guilty

I think I have a full understanding of the whole guilty pleasure thing. Something that you like but you are not supposed to, something that feels good and wrong at the same time. Or, according to the trusty urban dictionary:

When you enjoy a type of music or particular program but you are too ashamed to admit you listen to it/ watch it to your friends and family.

Now the thing is, I am not really ashamed of any of these, but they might still fit under what society would consider a guilty pleasure, therefore the title. Today, for the sake of nosiness, I thought I would share some of my “guilty pleasures” so you can feel better about yours.

1. Plants!

Now, this may not fall under the “guilty pleasure” category for most, but maybe you would understand if you were my roommate, or my accountant. It’s not bad that I love plants, what is bad is the amount of plants I would have in my flat if I allowed myself to buy as many as my heart desires. Currently we have 10 in our small 50 square meter apartment, and I am looking into buying a couple more. I also have a couple plastic ones (like the one in this picture) for those dark corners where I can’t have anything else.

2. Candles

In all colors, scents, sizes and shapes. Whenever I find myself in any interior store candles seem like the kind of thing that is cheap enough to be a “responsible” purchase, while still calming the need of BUYING SOMETHING. What makes this pleasure a truly guilty pleasure? The fact that after I get home I forget to light most of them.

3. Rupaul’s Drag Race

Yeah yeah I know. Reality TV is not the best quality television out there, and I myself don’t usually watch it… but I am such a sucker for Rupaul’s Drag Race. I mean, the colors, the dresses, the DRAMA, the amount of fun packed in a 40 minute episode… And on top of that, the brilliant political moments (eg. a bunch of broad, tall drag queens singing loud and proud “the future is female”), is everything I want in a TV Show if not more. No Spoilers about season 11, though! It’s not available in Germany yet, so I have struggled to watch it.

4. Nude / Pinkish nailpolish

I know we all do the same thing. We walk into the drug store looking for something totally practical, like tampons or light bulbs, and somehow end up perusing the make-up counters “just to look”. Yeah right, just to look. In my case “just looking” translates into buying yet another nude nail polish convinced that this one WILL make my hands look like they have been professionally manicured.

5. Pretty stationary

Yet another thing that looks harmless in the store, but turns out being ridiculously overpriced.

“Fine, I will not buy the 60€ shiny markers, I don’t need them… Instead let me have a look at all those pretty papers that I don’t need either”

I have a stack full of pretty paper that I have no idea when I will use or for what, but hey, they do make pretty good backgrounds for images.

7. Books on books on books

Am I the only one who pushes herself to finish the book she is currently reading only so she can justify going book shopping again? Also, is it bad that I love book shopping more than the actual act of reading? There’s something about going through the book covers and imagining what story lies behind them, that I adore. I could spend one hour at a book store to buy just one or maybe two books if I am feeling spendy.

8. Anything salted caramel

Ice-cream, chocolate, cheesecake, popcorn… hell you could put salted caramel flavor in a burger and with the right marketing I would probably buy it.

And that’s it, those are some of my guilty pleasures. Of course I could make a whole list just with musicians (Taylor Swift being the main one) but maybe that’s a post for a different day. What are some of your guilty pleasures? Are you truly ashamed of them, or are you a “life is too short for this shit” kinda girl?