The perfect city

We’ve been in Munich for almost two years, and during that entire time I have heard myself enumerate the number of things I don’t like about the city time after time. “It’s too rich, too small, too clean, too traditional, too…” However, when contemplating living somewhere else I find that I can come up with the same amount, if not more, of buts:

  • Berlin: too big (surface wise, too spread out)
  • Stockholm: too cold
  • New York: too dirty
  • Madrid: low salaries
  • Barcelona: too political
  • Paris: too expensive
  • London: too cool

you get the drift.

Maybe I haven’t found my perfect city yet, or maybe I am just that good at complaining, that I never will, but I am working on loving the place where I am currently at, and seeing where live brings me next.

Munich is indeed too rich, too clean and too traditional, but on the bright side, it comes with beautiful buildings and well maintained parks. It makes for quite a pleasant city to walk around when the weather allows it.

And not only that, but more importantly, it’s a city that allows for a comfortable life-style. Its salaries are close to double to the ones you would be able to get in Madrid, while its rent is maybe 10-20% higher. With the extra money you make it’s easy to enjoy the restaurants, concerts and events the city has to offer. Next week, for example, we are planning to go to an outdoor cinema, and maybe even mini-golfing. Talk about a retro date.

I do find myself fantasizing about living in Madrid more often that I would like to. I miss the weather, my family and friends, and the food. However, when I try to think about the practical aspects of going back: the salaries we would make, the rents we would pay, the neighborhoods where we would live… Munich starts looking… much better, actually.

We came here “temporarily” for my boyfriend to complete his 2 year master. But now time is almost up and… who knows? we might end up staying for a bit longer.

PS: I hope you enjoyed the blurry photos I took on a disposable camera. I sure did πŸ™‚