House Plants that I have managed to keep alive

Ever since moving in with my boyfriend, to an apartment furnished with the cheapest products from the IKEA catalog, some pieces from the fleamarket (ok, fine… the trash) and some lucky finds in facebook, I have fallen in love with plants. I find that is one of the cheapest ways to make an apartment look like home, along with some art on the walls (a post on that will be coming up shortly).

Only problem is, saying I have problems with dealing with death is a bit of an understatement, which, as it turns out, also affects my plant mum skills. I need plants that won’t die on me, no matter how inexperienced and incapable I am as a gardener. Because the few times it does happen, it makes me too sad, to the point where I wonder if having plants is even worth it. I have had to ask my boyfriend to throw away plants for me because I just couldn’t bring myself to it.

Yes yes, I know. It’s probably a good exercise for me anyways to learn that death is a part of life, and plants die and it’s not the end of the world and blah blah blah… But way more fun than actually learning that difficult lesson, is owning plants that just WILL NOT DIE. So, in case you are interested, here are the plants I have managed to keep alive for the past two years:

1. ZZ Plant

In all fairness, this is one of my newest additions, so I have only kept it alive for 4-ish months, but look how prettyyy! All this little guy needs is medium to low light, and little water. All windows in my apartment are north facing, and this plant isn’t even that close to the window. But, as far as I know, as log as you don’t overwater it, your ZZ plant will be alright.

2. Ficus elastica

I loooove my Ficus Elastica. Just like the ZZ Plant it doesn’t require much light or water (you are going to see a pattern here). The only thing it needs is a good amount of soil, since these plants usually grow considerably fast. I dream about keeping mine alive until I have a garden one day and planting it outside, since they grow to be full-on trees.

3. Orchids

Now, Orquids are a bit of a hate it or love it kind of plant. I get it: when they just shed their flowers they look a bit strange, with all those leaves at the bottom and nothing going on at the top, but no worries, the flowers grow again in a matter of a month. Actually, when we first moved into my apartment, this little plant had been left behind by the previous owner, and it really didn’t look it’s best. The stems were dry and there was no flower in sight, me and my boyfriend even argued about wether or not it was dead, but look at it now! Not dead at all! Even if not everyone’s cup of tea, Orchids are the easiest way to have flowers indoors. Any other plant with flowers that I know of are much more delicate and hard to take care of so… bring on the orchids!

4. Weeping Fig

My mum has had this plant in her house for… maybe 7 or 8 years now? It was actually a present of my grandfather for my little brother. So when I saw it in the plant shop in one of those first trips, I really wanted to get it. I didn’t even ask about the light or water requirements, I just got it and hoped for the best. And hey! The best has happened. This plant has given me no problems. As all of the plants above, it doesn’t get much light, I water it once a week (with a bit more water than the other ones), and it’s always looked pretty. From time to time I see a couple of yellowing leaves, but nothing serious… if anything, I like the color combination.

5. Monstera Plant

The plant on everyone’s instagram has made an appearance or two in mine as well. I keep this one on my bedside table and love the green touch it gives to an otherwise pretty plain bedroom. I have recently repotted it and a couple of the bottom leaves are looking a bit droopy, so keep your fingers crossed! But overall it keeps growing and looks healthy. Only weird thing about this one is how disorganized both leaves and roots grow… I have tied the main leaves with a little bow together to avoid it spreading out too much. I will keep you posted.

And that’s it! Those are the 5 plant recommendations I have for you today. I also love ivy (I am in the process of propagating this one, very brave of me), suculents and anything with big chunky leaves that will hold on to a lot of water. I am sure in the future my collection will keep growing, inspite of my wallet and my boyfriend telling me otherwise, and maybe someday I will actually have a green thumb and be able to have all sort of exotic babies in my home. What about you? Are you a plant mum already? Which ones are your favorite?