A post of dreams

As September approaches, I get this itch for new beginnings. Back to school, new stationary, packed lunches… Those things you grew to hate throughout the year seemed almost exciting in September. “Who will my teachers be?” “Will I like the new subjects?” “Will there be a new kid this year?”… Maybe I am going through a bit of a retrospective phase, where anything old seems better than the present, or maybe those days were truly magical.

Point is, I have this itch for new beginnings, and since I am a grown up now, with a full time job that doesn’t close for three months during the summer, the way my school used to (how rude), my mind looks for something else. Coincidentally our lease is up next October. Now, looking for a flat in Munich is a nightmare, and a very expensive one at that. We are talking 3 months deposit on top of the first month’s rent, plus any furniture the apartment might need (couches, closets…. $$$). So realistically moving is not the greatest idea at this point.

But a girl can dream, right?

So instead of asking for a very very expensive loan, I am gonna allow myself to day-dream here and talk about all the things I would want in my future flat, and maybe a bit in my future life too.

Since we are dreaming here, might as well do it big time. I would like for the flat to be MINE. No more asking the landlord to fix the shower, or putting up with ugly bathroom tiles from the 70’s, or fearing putting holes in the walls to hang my beloved paintings. Honestly I would love nothing more than buying a fixer upper that I could then make into my own.

But even if buying wasn’t an option (which it won’t be any time soon), I like to believe it doesn’t take much to make a flat feel like a home. All I need are big windows, books, plants and art on the walls. Everything else can (and should) be pretty neutral and even boring, to be honest.

A little extra I would love to have, which our current apartment doesn’t allow for, is a little home office. In my dream future life I dedicate more and more time to little side projects: be it this blog, or writing a novel, or selling my collages online… who knows?? And I feel like having a space solely dedicated to that would motivate me to get my ass off the couch and spend a couple of productive hours on the weekends doing things that I love.

Lastly, and this one might be the most difficult of all (after buying, of course), I would love for this dream flat to be close to my friends and family. To own one of those dining-room tables that opens up and suddenly seats 12 instead of 6, so I could have dinner parties with those I love most. To buy a dark, heavily patterned rug so when my friends came to visit the stains of spilled wine would be the last thing on my mind. To have a fridge that my best friends could steal snacks from, without asking, just because they are hungry.

Maybe some day…

For now, I will keep buying plants, and books and artwork.

What are your dreams for your future home? A kitchen island? A wine cellar? Do surprise me ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: all photos are taken from pinterest and I do not own any of them. To see the credits, you can check my pinterest board https://www.pinterest.es/iochoa0393/interior/