Favorite fall activities (after hibernating wrapped in a blanket, that is)

As I have expressed in several posts before, fall is NOT my favorite season (my favorite season is spring, because it leads to SUMMER, with the long days and the hot weather), but I am trying my best this year to look on the bright side and appreciate the good in every season. As much as I hate the shorter days, the inevitable cold that hits me every year, and the annoying rain that makes my hair all frizzy, there’s good things about it too… right??

Weather you are a fall hater or lover, I have put together a list of my favorite things to do during fall, that we can all refer to when all we want is to watch Netflix for hours on end until our soul is content.

1. Hiking

If you are lucky enough to have a sunny day during the weekend, hiking during the fall can actually lead to the best hike of the year. The weather is not too warm, the landscape is looking beautiful and (here’s the best part) unlike during spring: there’s almost no bugs. Packing a lunch and heading for the mountains will probably be the most relaxing thing you do all week.

2. Baking

Now if you are not lucky, and you happen to have a rainy weekend, baking could be the next best thing. For me, I have a couple of recipes my mum used to make for me as a child (including the cheesecake I am making in the photo) that give me all the feels. Once the cake is in the oven and the kitchen starts smelling like my childhood home I am glad I put the time in, even if the kitchen still looks like a mess.

3. Taking Baths

Not that a bath isn’t good any time of the year, but I must admit in summer they do seem less tempting. There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot bubble bath while it’s grey and miserable outside. Combine it with a good book, and my boyfriend might end up knocking on the bathroom door to check if I’m still alive.

4. Carving Pumpkins

Ever since moving in with my American boyfriend I have been enjoying their fall festivities more and more. We’ve been doing some sort of Thanksgiving celebration for two years now, and same goes for carving pumpkins. I love sharing photos of my results with friends and having a little contest over who’s pumpkin is better (I also enjoy the fact that I usually win). Fletcher (the bf) usually makes roasted pumpkin seeds afterwards, which I take to work and make all my colleagues jealous.

5. Making Christmas Cards

Is it too early? It’s probably too early… but hear me out: I make each card myself, and I send out around 20, so it does take some preparation! I usually buy the supplies beginning of November, and spend some hours throughout the month working on them. Although the result isn’t as professional as something bought from a fancy stationary store, it is very gratifying to spend time making things for the people you love. So even if you are not a master of arts and crafts, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Now, if you didn’t like any of the options, let me share with you a list of honorable mentions before you start your hibernation ahead of time.

  1. Watch Gilmore Girls (the ultimate fall show)
  2. If you are lucky enough to know how, go mushroom picking
  3. If not, apple picking will do
  4. Re-read Harry Potter for the 11th time
  5. Take up knitting
  6. Say goodbye to the razors you won’t use again until April (too far?)
  7. Buy a rug to make your home feel extra-cozy
  8. Host a board game night

Alright, now I am officially out of ideas. If you still didn’t find anything in this list you like, you might be a true fall hater, and you have my permission to go hibernate all season long. I will wake you up when spring is here.