Scared of feeling blue

As I am writing this the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the weather app announces a max of 20ºC for today. Life is pretty good for a 1st of November (if you try really hard not to think about the fact that it’s probably so warm because of global warming, and what kind of world are we gonna leave to our children, and it’s not really sustainable to have children anymore, and I didn’t even recycle that piece of cardboard today and dfgd@sdfs#f…) However, the time just changed, the days are going to get shorter and darker, and soon every morning we will wake up to grey skies and annoying, intermittent rain.

Last year the “winter” (meaning the season from November to April) really took a toll on me. I had vitamin D deficiency, my energy levels were non-existent, and my mood hit an all time low towards the end of January. This all time low led me to a really painful back spasm, several calls on the verge of tears to my boyfriend from the office, and ultimately to quitting my job. Obviously there were more factors that played into that last one, but once the sun shined again, and my mental fog had dissipated, I did regret that decision.

I have been lucky to spend a beautiful summer surrounded by friends and family, enjoying the beaches of Spain, the lakes of Germany and the sunny skies of both. So while I feel like my battery has been recharged, I am quite scared of the winter, and of the power this season has over my mood.
I am trying to identify the things I did wrong last year (an escape to Sweden during February may not have been my brightest idea) and come up with a game plan to at least make me feel like I am ready to face the season ahead.

So here’s a list of things to keep me mentally stable during the colder months:

  • Take my vitamin D supplements (should have done it already last year. this is all my fault)
  • Book a sunny Holiday in February. As expensive as it might be flying away to the Caribbean, I have to prioritize my mental health
  • Have my mum visit us in Munich
  • Make an effort to do things after work: Gym, dinner with friends, board game nights… The day IS NOT over at 4pm
  • Work out more. This will be hard, because on bad days is the LAST thing I want… but let’s see if those endorphins help a girl out
  • Maybe ski? I know this is the thing that people in Munich love about winter. I am not confident at all in my coordination, but I guess I could try it….

I know it might be too early to talk about this, but I am SCARED. Are you a winter lover? If so, what are the things that make you love the season? And if not, what are the things that make you tolerate the season? Any help would be appreciated ❤