October’s Gratitude Journal: Augsburg and orange leaves

The original plan back in April was that I was going to upload one of these every month… Now, considering I rarely post more than four posts per month on here, that would mean that every fourth post would be a gratitude journal, and I don’t know about you, but that is a bit too much gratitude for me. So I am just going to write one whenever I feel like it, because I am trying to embrace this CHAOS that is my life.

The month of October has been a weird one. A couple of very good things have happened, but everything could have been a lot more exciting had I not been sick with Strep for the entire month (thank you very much). Unfortunately I haven’t had the energy to fully enjoy my free time: A hike had to be replaced by a walk through a close-by park, and I had to miss out on a Halloween party all together. But let’s focus on the good things that DID happen, and hope that in November my health goes back to normal.

1. Daytrip to Augsburg

I must admit, I haven’t been the best when it comes to exploring Germany since we moved here. During the weekends I am usually too tired to jump on a train, so I end up staying in Munich, doing some brunching, shopping and watching Netflix for a disgusting amount of hours. But this month we venture into the little town on Augsburg.

Last September, my boyfriend’s brother moved there form Washington D.C. so we decided to pay him a little visit, and enjoy being guided around and shown the best spots without having to check google maps once. I loved the little houses painted in different pastel colors, the narrow streets and the churches everywhere. Augsburg may not be full of famous museums or huge landmarks, but it is very charming to walk around. It is also perfect for a day trip, because it’s small enough to go around by foot, and you can cover most of the city center in one day.

Besides enjoying the architecture and being a pain to Fletcher and his brother by stopping at every corner to take a picture, I also loved being able to see where Ross (Fletcher’s brother) lives. Maybe I am nosy, but I love visiting other people’s homes and getting an idea of what their lives are like on a day to day basis.

2. Returning to my old job

As you might already know, in April last year I quit my job at a big luxury fashion company, to start a new one in a furniture company. I was restless and a little spoiled. I wasn’t able to appreciate the good things in my job anymore, and felt like I could do better.

Turned out that new is not always better, and I soon realized how much I missed it at the fashion company. I thought I had made a huge mistake, one that couldn’t be fixed, but I was fortunate enough to have my old company want me back, and in October I came back. I am aware of how unusual this may sound, and, believe me, I have had to explain it to plenty of colleagues and friends… but it’s all worth it.

I feel like I have come back home. I realize now how much more comfortable I am at work, and what a huge impact this has in my life. I am in a better mood, have more energy after work (if we ignore the days the Strep was taking the best of me) and feel so much happier. I am glad I left my pride aside and ultimately did what was best for me, without thinking of what others might say.

3. Being more creative

Surprisingly, being sick also brought a bright side. Since I was feeling very weak and couldn’t leave the house much, I spent a lot of time just sitting and getting bored, which let me to find creative outlets to distract myself. I took a lot more photos than usual, and even got my DSLR camera out a couple of times (including the trip to Augsburg). I did some collages, wrote a more in this blog… even got back into bullet journaling.

I am aware that once I am recovered I am going to spend a lot more time at the gym, or doing plans with friends, but I hope some of the hobbies I have taken up again stay with me for a while. It’s something I rarely prioritize, but when I get back into it, I realize how much I missed it.

4. Booked my Christmas Holiday

With all the changing of jobs and getting settled in my new (old) company, I was a bit worried about what would happen during Christmas. Coming back to Spain during Christmas is very important to me, since that’s also when all of my friends come back to our home town, so I get to see all my friends and family members at the same time, which rarely happens.

I was so incredibly lucky to work with a team that didn’t care that I had just rejoined the company, and allowed me to book my holidays, even though it’s a time when almost everyone wants to be off. I will be going to Spain for a total of 13 days, and I cannot wait.

Now on to the smaller things that, while not as important, still make a difference between an “ok” day and a nice one:

  • Started reading “Brief History of the World” and not only am I thoroughly enjoying it, but I also feel like i am so knowledgeable now!
  • Baked a couple of my mum’s recipes, which got me all nostalgic, but also proved that I can actually bake those things myself!
  • We now keep popcorn at home to make “movie nights” feel extra special
  • Bought my first designer bags from an employee sale at my office. I should have just bought one, but I couldn’t resist!
  • Talked my dad into passing on his old DSLR film camera to me. I should get it as a Christmas present πŸ˜€

What have been some of the highlights of your October? I would love to know! And here’s to a happy November!