One insignificant girl in Segovia

Last Friday Fletcher and I took a break from the family festivities and headed to Segovia with my mum’s car. It was sunny and warm and I was happy because Fletcher was driving and I was just giving directions.

– On the next one go up.
– Up where?
– Up, up! That’s down (points left) and that’s up (points right)!
– You are aware that the street in front of us has the highest inclination, right?
I have never been very good at telling right from left, so I smile, knowing very well that he’s right, and insist.
– Go up.

Somehow we make it into this beautiful medieval town with its aqueduct, its cathedral and its small cobble stone streets. Some parts of Segovia date as far back as the II century, and being surrounded by such historical buildings quickly started to make me feel small and unimportant.

” This Aqueduct has been here for 2 centuries and I have been here for… what? 26 years”

It made me think that all the little things I get angry about: my friends being late, having problems at work, bad public transportation, or, lately, ugly Christmas decorations… don’t really matter. I don’t really matter. I have only one life to live, which will be a tiny dot in the history of humankind. That being said, when I got home I got angry that my brother had eaten all the milk-chocolate chocolates.

Fortunately I was too concerned looking for a decent place to eat to actually fall into an existencial crisis. Cochinillo (suckling pig) is the typical dish in Segovia, but it literally looks like a baby pig. Head, eyes, little ears… everything. Listen, I am no vegetarian, but you gotta draw the line somewhere, and that’s where I draw mine.

So we settled for other Spanish delicacies: Castilian soup, sirloin, pastries… we had a good lunch, and no babies were killed in the process.

We did end up coming home a bit earlier than anticipated because the streets were full of tourists, and big crowds always exhaust me (especially spanish crowds, with tons of people screaming everywhere). But before getting in the car my skin was cold, my legs were tired, and I was happy. Not only have I only been here for 26 years, but look at how many other people are here too!

You tell me if I sound a bit crazy, or if you have felt that way too. I would love to know. Have a lovely start of the year!