Setting goals for 2020

Another year has gone by, and contrary to my yearly tradition, this year I didn’t have the time between Christmas and New Year’s to really unwind and reflect about all the things 2019 taught me, and what I wish to accomplish in 2020. Everything was just too hectic, with family and friends to visit, so I am doing it now.

What I learnt from 2019

2019 was a pretty stressful one for me, and I must say I brought most of that stress onto myself. At the beginning of the year I wanted to move cities and change jobs, and after months of stress, looking for jobs and apartments, I realised both decisions had been wrong for me at the time. The moving I could cancel, but having already quit my job, I found myself accepting another position that wasn’t really right for me.

5 months into the new job I had reached a point where I wanted to leave the company, and it suddenly seemed like we were going to be kicked out of our apartment. So we were back at square 1, back to looking for places to live, and places to work. I was fortunate enough to be wanted back in my old job, and to have our landlord change his mind (allowing us to stay for another year), but you can see how it was a pretty stressful year.

So I would say my main takeaway from 2019 is that I have to learn to manage my anxiety to avoid impulsive decisions, and that I need to work on being more content with where I am at. Sometimes new isn’t always better.

So with that in mind, I am looking forward to a calmer year, where I can be more in touch with the things that relax me and make me happy, and where I can spread that positivity with my loved ones.

My Resolutions
1. Prioritise my mental health

In 2019 I have been learning the things that help me unwind and clear my mind, and I plan to keep doing them, and make them a bigger part of my day to day life. These activities include:

  • Practising yoga. Today I am starting Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Journey and I hope to keep up a consistent home yoga practice throughout the year.
  • Reading. My Goal last year was of 24 books and I didn’t manage it but I was close (23.5), so for next year I will round up the number to 25. Let’s see!
  • Sun Sun Sun. Nothing cheers me up like vitamin D, so I will make it a priority to go to sunny places whenever I have holidays.
2. But also my physical health

Honestly I enjoy fitness mostly for the mental benefits it gives me, but the tighter abs are a nice side effect. These are my fitness related goals:

  • Run 10k. This was already in my 2019 resolutions, however I only made it to 7, so I want to give it another go this year.
  • Try something new. I already know I like yoga and running, but I would like to branch out a bit this year. Maybe try rock climbing? cycling? swimming? We shall see.
  • Get better at cooking. I found an old recipe notebook with just one recipe in it, so I want to fill it out with the ones I already know and cook regularly, and with 20 new ones for 2020.
3. Take care of my bank account

The more I rent, the more I want to be able to buy my own little home someday, so I am making a conscious effort this year to save. I have set a goal for the end of the year, that will by no means buy me a home, but you gotta start somewhere.

4. Be more mindful of my carbon footprint

I struggle finding impactful changes I can make to my day to day life, that don’t feel too restricting, and that I can make a habit out of. This year I thought I would give the following a try:

  • Buy more second hand (mainly for clothes and books). I don’t think I am ready to say buy “only” second hand, but I am getting rid of my asos suscription, and will try to always check out my local second hand stores first whenever I need something.
  • Eat less meat. This one is sometimes difficult for me because me and my boyfriend cook all our dinners together, but I am going to try to be vegetarian on my lunches, and reserve the meat for when we are together.
  • Reduce my “single use” items. Of the top of my head this year I want to buy reusable cotton pads, a metal straw and more solid cosmetics
5. Last but not least, be more creative

This is another one that makes it into my resolutions every year, and although I think I did a better job at it in 2019 (mostly thanks to this blog), I still think there is room for improvement. I would like to keep up with this blog, shoot in my brand new film camera, draw, write… whatever I feel like!

I feel like that’s enough, don’t you? So many things to do and look forward to in 2020. I hope your year is full with only good things.