January’s Gratitude Journal: Film and Yoga

The beginning of 2020 has been quite good to me. With some residual holiday joy, a steady (ish) at home yoga practice, time to reconnect with friends, and to do some self reflecting, I’d say January is turning out to be a lot better than I thought it’d be. So, to remind my self next time winter comes around, that it’s actually not THAT bad, I have collected some of the things I am grateful for this month.

1. My Dad’s Film Camera

For Christmas I got my Dad’s old film camera as a present, and I played around with it for the first time in Madrid during Christmas Break. I rushed a bit through the film because I wanted to leave it in Spain to develop, but I am happy with a lot of the photos that I took, and I am super excited about playing more with the camera in the future. I am actually going to buy more film this afternoon!

2. Sunny Barcelona

Shortly after coming back to Munich after Christmas Break, I had a business trip (look at me, I am such a grown up, having business trips) to Barcelona. Most of the time was spent in the office, and having after work drinks and dinners with colleagues, but there was also time to walk around in the sun during the lunch break, which is probably the main reason my mood hasn’t dropped this January like it usually does. I loved seeing the different vibe of the city, where even though it’s a Wednesday at 11.30, the restaurants are still packed with people having tapas and drinking wine.

3. Reconnecting with Friends

Here I am cheating a little bit, since I am mostly referring to things that happened during the end of December, when I was still in Madrid. I got to see all my childhood friends, and meet for endless coffees, dinners and drinks. We caught up and reminisced about our teenage years, but also realized how old we are becoming while discussing things such as sickness and parental leave.

But it’s not fully cheating, because also in Barcelona I met two of my closest friends from University, and spent a lovely day with them, having brunch in the sun and going second hand shopping.

4. Daily (almost) Yoga Practice

Right before going to Barcelona, I pulled a muscle in my back and got pretty bad muscle pain. I forced myself to leave Munich just because I was so excited about the trip, and seeing my friends, but I had to take more muscle relaxers than I’d like to admit, and visit a physiotherapist as soon as we landed.

This meant that I couldn’t complete my January resolution of doing the Every Day Yoga Challenge , and you cannot imagine how much it pained me. Up until day 14 I had been loving it, and I was so proud of myself, and almost convinced that I was gonna finish it without missing one day, but… Life happens. My back set me back 6 days (meaning I am currently on day 19), and although it was hard to gain motivation again after having “failed” I am still really enjoying it. It helps me calm down and puts me in a better mood, plus I really do think I am getting stronger.

5. First snow of the year

I am not usually a lover of cold-weather-things, and I tend to find snow rather annoying. Especially when it freezes and becomes brown and slippery and means that I can only wear my snow boots that look bad no matter what outfit you pair them with. But this year, the first and only snow we’ve had so far, was quite alright. It was during a Sunday, when I had no reason to leave the house, and could just sit in front of my computer, typing away on my blog, with a hot cup of tea. After a bit the sun came out and by Monday morning there was no snow in sight… Alright, I guess snow like that is not so bad.

What are some things you are thankful for this month? Do you have any tips for this film photography newbie? Any film or techniques I should try? I am all ears!