How I am coping with quarantine

So it’s been a bit of a quiet time over here. What can I say? Life got in the way, I lost motivation… things that happen. In the past two months my mum came to visit us in Munich, and we travelled to Mexico to celebrate my birthday (film pictures coming your way as soon as the photo shop opens again and I can get them developed). But, oh, how times have changed.

Since last Wednesday (8 days ago now) I am working from home and leaving the house only when needed. I personally found the unavoidable quarantine very scary before it started, but for the past 8 days I would say I am coping quite ok. This time serves as an opportunity to continue working on my blog, but I didn’t want to start posting about books and clothing without acknowledging the time we are going through, so I have collected the things that are helping me cope during this time bellow: I hope they serve you as inspiration, or at least make you feel less lonely

1. Being creative

This might not be the case for everyone, but for me, finding creative outlets has always helped me calm my mind, and feel like I did something productive at the end of the day. I have been exploring my home and finding new ways to take photos (for example: my north facing apartment, which I thought NEVER got sunlight, actually gets a bit of it between 16.15 and 16.30, because the window in the apartment in front of us reflects it). I have also been doing some more collage, and writing.

2. Moving my body

I know, I know. This point is in everyone’s list, but that’s because it’s true!! I have been doing yoga once a week (yoga with Adriene, I am looking at you), and trying to go on walks/runs whenever the weather is good enough. I find streets are empty enough that I don’t come close to anyone, I don’t touch anything, and honestly the fresh air and the sunlight is the best therapy.

3. Buying fresh flowers

This one is really specific. Every time I do groceries now, I pick up fresh flowers, which I then set on my work desk. It makes such a difference to work looking at something beautiful, and most importantly, smelling the scent of spring. It makes me feel less claustrophobic in my small apartment, and like spring is coming, even if we don’t get to enjoy it just yet.

4. Improvising a balcony

Not only does our apartment face north, but also it doesn’t have a balcony. So there’s literally no chance of absorbing some vitamin D while in here, not even by accident. To again, help fight the claustrophobic feeling this gives me, I have been opening the windows all the way and seating on the window sill, wrapped in all my blankets. Just a few minutes of looking at the leaves of the trees moving with the wind, and breathing in the cold air does wonders for my mental health. Sure, my neighbours look at me a bit weird, but what else is new?

5. Logging off

For the past couple of weeks, my phone has been ON FIRE. Most of my family and friends live in Spain, which has been in quarantine since a week before Germany, so they are all pretty bored. Everyone is sending memes left and right, asking for video calls, sending audios… and on top of all of that action there’s the news, which I cannot help myself from checking around three times a day.

I find it really hard to ignore texts or calls from loved ones, or to not check the status of the pandemic in the media… which is why I have to force myself to log off, by distracting me with highly demanding activities like… monopoly, or watching a movie AND colouring, or reading a VERY VERY interesting book (book recommendations coming soon). That’s the only way I can put my phone down and be sure I won’t pick it up for the next hour. Ok, maybe 30 minutes.

I also try to make sure I call a loved one (max two) per day. I love all my friends and family, but I find it’s hard to not talk about the virus during these calls, and my brain needs some time to think about other things, so I don’t go insane.

How are you coping with the quarantine / self-isolation / self-distancing times we are living? Do you find it relatable to consume content about it, or do you come to the internet looking for a break for your brain? I would love to know!