Nostalgic for Mexico

I don’t know if I mentioned it in here, but on the 29th of February, before the pandemic hit Europe and our lives took a bit of a hit, Fletcher and I travelled to Cancún for my birthday, and it was one of my favourite trips ever. We were there during my birthday, and I spent my days laying under the sun, reading, dipping my toes in the ocean, and exploring the jungle and the beautiful cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula.

It seems like everything happened so long ago, but actually it’s only been three months… And during those three months, stores were closed, so I couldn’t get my film developed. But last week I finally got all my pictures back, and even though it might seem inappropriate in these times, self indulgent, even… I am going to share them in here. Because I could use some joyful reminiscing right about now.

As I already mentioned, I went to Cancún with my boyfriend, Fletcher, who has a very different idea of beach tourism to mine. If it were up to me, I would be happy going from morning yoga, to the buffet, to my book by the beach under the hot hot sun, but Fletcher likes exploring, trying new things, eating the local food… So in trying to meet somewhere in the middle, I ended up doing a lot of things I wouldn’t have done had I gone on my own.

We visited the mayan ruins of Tulum, as well as the temple of Coba. We walked through the jungle and learned about the local fauna and flora (we saw monkeys, racoons, iguanas…). We swam in cenotes, with cristal clear water and incredible structures of stalactites and stalagmites. We tried zip-lining and rappelling, and I fought really hard to hide the sheer panic I felt.

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We met some locals, and I was constantly shocked at how different their Spanish is from mine, to the point where sometimes they wouldn’t understand me, and I had to use the english word to communicate… Can someone tell me how you say whipped cream in Mexico? Because I can tell you it’s not nata montada

Admiring the nature ended up being my favourite part of the trip (lying in the beach with my book – Where the crawdad sings – still a close second), which I hadn’t anticipated. Monkeys and racoons at the resort were so used to being fed by humans, that they would get super close, a couple of them even attempted to climb on Fletcher. We even swam with Dolphins (what???), which had me grinning so hard, my jaw was hurting by the end of the 45 minutes.

But I also enjoyed the little things, like the smell of hotel shampoo at the end of a hot day by the beach, or the getting ready before going for dinner. I tried to wake up a bit earlier in the mornings and do some yoga in our balcony, overlooking the jungle, listening to the wind in the leaves, and the birds singing to the sun that rises oh so very early in Cancun.

We stayed there for 7 days, and I would have gladly stayed for another week or two. We did so much, yet there were so many things we didn’t have enough time to do… I am already planning another trip for my birthday next year, somewhere sunny and close to the water, of course. I am thinking maybe Cuba?

Where are you dreaming about traveling next? As of right now I just want to go back to Spain, to see everyone I love, and enjoy the delicious food and the sun together.