Our New Apartment in Munich

As I mentioned in one of my lasts posts my boyfriend and I moved to a new place in the beginning of June. To say it was a stressful process is a bit of an understatement, but I’d rather forget those nights of obsessing over emails and going through apartment visits in our head trying to figure out if we were charming enough, and focus on the result: Our lovely new apartment.

I am really chuffed with myself when I say, the apartment we ended up getting is, without doubt, the nicest one of all the places we saw. It’s a 64 sqm apartment located in between the city center of Munich and the river, an area known for its rich-hypster vibes and gay-friendliness. It’s in the 4th floor with an elevator *insert heart emoji icon here*, and consists of a shared balcony (you’ll see what I mean later), an entryway, living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, plus two pantries/tiny walk-in-closets that are true lifesavers.

So let’s go on a little tour shall we?

The Balcony

First up we have the “shared balcony” or what happens to be the entrance. After exiting the elevator, you see a veery long balcony, which is the entrance to three apartments, one of them being ours. We are lucky that our apartment is the last one, so we can set up our little balcony knowing that no neighbours will walk through. Not as intimate as I would like, but I do loooove the view. Being in the city center can often mean constant sounds of traffic and people, but since our balcony faces this big back yard, it’s very quiet and peaceful.

Next summer I will probably up my game in the outdoor plant and decor department, but for now the inside of the apartment is a higher priority.

The Entryway

There’s not much to say here, is there? I love the wooden floors we have all over the apartment, that are particularly squeaky in this area, which means I can always hear when my boyfriend gets up in the middle of the night to pee :D. I would live to hang a big mirror above the bench eventually, and maybe place a plant in front of the outlets, so you see a bit more greenery when you first walk in. It doesn’t get much light, but I am thinking a snake plant might be ok in this little corner… What do you think?

The Living Room

Probably the room that is the most decorated so far, and the one where I spend most of my time while I keep working from home. The weekend after we moved in we put up the gallery wall around the TV, and I have to say: it was a great decision. It is, by far, the wall that we stare at the most, and it makes such a difference for me to be looking at beautiful prints (if I do say so myself, since half of them I made haha) instead of a blank wall. We have gotten a lot of compliments on it, and a friend of ours even took a picture as inspiration. I was very flattered, can you tell?

Both the living room and the bedroom face south, meaning they get really nice sunlight during the afternoon, and I love laying down in the long part of the couch and sunbathing from home. After living in a north facing apartment for over two years it feels like such a luxury. Yes, I may have burnt a couple of plants in the process, but it’s all worth it for some good old vitamin D.

The Bathroom

Ladies and gentlemen, we have A WINDOW. Not only does it mean that I can keep my Calatheas in the bathroom where they get that humidity they love so much, but also, last week I took a bath during a huge storm with the window cracked, and it was sooo relaxing: like being in a warm pool in the middle of the jungle.

I love the colorful shower curtain from trusty IKEA, and the fact that the mirror above the sink has storage! It’s the little things, isn’t it?

The Bedroom

This room I feel is not quite finished yet. The wall in front of the bed is completely empty, and I feel like I could maybe get an armchair for the corner next to the door where I can read or, letsbereal, throw my dirty clothes on at the end of the day.

However, it’s definitely functional. We have our bed, night stands, desk (very nifty for home office) plants and, more importantly, room for new plants! In the fall, by the time I have recovered from the economical hit that is a move, I plan to add a couple of pieces to make it more homie.

The Kitchen

We were so happy to have a kitchen that is actually a livable room, with space for four people to have breakfast in (for whenever my mum and brother come to visit). It means that if one of us is cooking the other one can be sitting down while we talk about our day, and that if we have guests staying in the sofa bed in the livingroom, we can easily hang out in the kitchen until they wake up.

I love the blue accent in the cabinet under the sink, and I am very tempted to paint the wall behind the kitchen table that same color…*hearteyesemoji* *again*

As you see there’s still a lot of room for improvement. In the coming year we will add more art to the walls, more plants, a couple second hand finds, maybe colour to some walls… But I think it’s a great starting point, and it already feels more like a home than any of my previous apartments ever did.