My fall bucket list

As I am typing this it is currently 28 degrees and sunny in Munich, but somehow, fall is already in the air. There’s some orange leaves spotting the pavements here and there, the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day, and the evenings are getting chillier. After a particularly hectic summer, with all the corona restrictions, the uncertainty of every plan, the days of mobile office merging with one another into a loooong strand of pyjamas and dirty dishes, I feel like I need to get back into myself, feel more grounded, build a routine. And to do all this, fall seems like a great time.

In between watching Gilmore Girls and reading A Long Petal of the Sea (really trying to finish this one as it feels very summery), I have been scouting Pinterest and building myself a little Fall Moodboard which you can check out for all the credits of the pictures used in this post. It has inspired me to collect all the things I wish to do in the upcoming couple of months, before Christmas comes marching through our doors.

Obviously a big one is fashion. I want to take out all of my fall clothing from the basement and under my bed, and put away all the bikinis and summer dresses that won’t serve me for now. And, more importantly, I want to resist the temptation of buying anything new until I have done that, because every year I find myself rediscovering items that I had completely forgotten about. I do think I am missing some colour in my wardrobe, maybe a purple knit, or an olive skirt.

We shall see… a wardrobe update post will be coming to you very soon.

I of course would also like to update my home a little bit, add some extra candles here and there, maybe some pampas grass lookalike that I can pick during a crispy fall walk through our closest forest. But mostly I selected this pictures because during the end of summer I stopped creating art, and I would like to pick it up again. Not only is it a very easy way to decorate my home, but it helps me forget the phone, the emails and all the outside noise and just connect with myself.

Another thing that I have found really centring is spending time outside, even if it’s a bit chillier now. Sitting in my balcony reading a book or watching the rain even if just for 10 minutes makes me feel soo much better if I am feeling a bit anxious. I want to put a bit of love into my balcony and get a couple more blankets and pillows, some lights and maybe a couple of weather resistant plants. I am thinkin ivy but please do let me know if you have any recommendations.

Besides my balcony, spending some time in nature is a big one for me. I recently got my first bike as a gift from a lovely friend, and I would like to ride it into the forest or along the river, maybe bringing a bit of food with me in the basket, as I am not the best rider and I get incredibly tired after only 10km. A day trip to the lake now that is a bit emptier is also a must, and who knows? maybe some apple picking?

And now on the short and snappy bucket list, something for me to look at in December, and see how many of these things I truly did.

  1. Read. I am currently 2 books behind schedule on my goodreads 2020 reading challange, so let’s see if I manage to pick that up this fall.
  2. Take long hot baths. I am trying to make my bathroom feel like more of a Spa. Long baths really help with the back pain I tend to get when the weather gets colder, so I am trying to make baths more appealing, so I can maybe take one per week?
  3. Have a movie night with friends. With blankets, popcorn, hot chocolate, the full experience!
  4. Carve pumpinks. I mean, we do this every year, but this year I am especially excited because we finally have a balcony where we can display them for our neighbours to see, and they won’t rot as fast as they did when we kept them indoors.
  5. Host a thanksgiving dinner?. With my boyfriend being American, and not being able to visit his country, it would be important to me to make him feel at home, and carry on his traditions, even if from far away. Obviously we will have to see what the corona restrictions look like when the date approaches, therefore the question mark.
  6. Write more on this blog. Somehow summer and enjoying the sun to the fullest got in the way of all of my other hobbies, but I hope to stick to the things that push me to be creative and make me feel good.
  7. Bake and bring pieces to my friends. A lot of them are also foreigners, with their families far away from them, and not being able to visit, and it’s with little gestures like this that we can all take care of each other.

I am looking forward to a calmer season, to look inward, to let thins quiet down around me and just breathe.