Fall Wardrobe Edit

The time has finally come to say goodbye to my beloved summer dresses, my strappy sandals, my bikinis and the joy of getting dressed in the morning knowing that you only have two put two items on and… voila! outfit ready.
And now it’s time to say hello to the knits, the boots, and the jeans that are a bit too tight after a summer of eating all the Spanish food a possibly could. It’s not all bad, I have rediscovered some of my favourite sweaters, and I am trying my hardest to keep wearing my summer skirts, because, seriously, those jeans are tiiiight.

In the midst of taking all my summer clothes into the basement, and taking out my fall pieces, I took the time to thake photos of the items I was most excited to wear again, so I could share them with you. I must admit I struggled to hang the whole thing from one hanger (many clothes pins and hairbands were involved), but I am happy with the result.

1. The not so skinny jeans

I got these last year in Barcelona in a second hand shop, and what made me fall in love with them was the shade of green (looks a bit darker on camera than how it actually is). It’s so easy for me to get stuck in the blackblueblackblueblack rut when it comes to pants, and I felt these added something different while still being fairly easy to combine with other pieces. I can combine them with any of my neutral sweaters and in this case I added my leopard print boots for a bit of flare. Another reason for me loving them is that they were a bit big for me at the time, so now they fit perfectly!

The transitional skirt

This is a prime example of a summer piece, that I refuse to let go of. It’s paper thin, but its colours make it ok for me to wear it with some tights, a sweater and boots and stay somewhat warm.

The pink trench coat

I mean… need I say more? Not only is it pink, it’s almost long enough to reach my feet. I love it because it adds the practical extra layer to dresses or skirts so I can keep wearing them a bit longer, while also making me look fabulous πŸ˜€ Sometime I won’t even take it off when I get to the office, because it makes me feel too good about myself.

The fancy but not really

This has been my fancy skirt this summer. I have a halter neck top in the same color that made it look almost like a dress, and I wore the combo everywhere: anniversary dinner, office, birthday celebratios, family meals… I was too sad to put it in the basement just yet, so I tried to pair it with some of my neutral sweaters and my suede boots and I think it works quite nicely! Still have to work out the tights/no tights situation… I shall see.

The masculine coat

I am not gonna lie, I bought this because I was shopping with a way cooler friend than me and she convinced me that it looked good on me. Then, she left, and I never wore it again for another year…

I don’t know what switched in me that last year I started seeing it “it DOES look cool” “I think I CAN pull it off”, and it slowly became one of my favourites! Sometimes it just takes some time, doesn’t it?

The dress/skirt

And lastly yet another of my attempts at stretching my summer clothing into fall. This dress, under the shirt, has spaghetti straps, and, although I love the look of it on other people, I don’t think I can pull of layering a t-shirt underneath… so instead, I layer a shirt on top!

The split is a bit dangerous for the office, so in the summer I wasn’t wearing it to work, but now with thick tights… I might just get away with it.

And that’s it! Those are some of my favourite pieces I will be wearing this fall, before the true cold hits Munich and all you can see of me is one big burrito of dawn and wool. I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my closet, and that you are making the most of your fall clothing aswell ❀