New Houseplants I don’t think I am killing

Oh, Spring of 2020. Everyone was spending way too much time in their apartments, constantly looking at the same four walls and thinking “hmmm… that wall looks a bit empty”, “we could really use a rug here”, “this room is missing a little bit of something”. And while most scratched that itch by spending an irresponsible amount of money in IKEA, I turned to plants. Now, don’t get me wrong, the amount of money I spent in plants was probably just as irresponsible, but somehow plants seem like a less frivolous purchase to me, more like you are adopting a homeless living creature, and so I can justify the red numbers in my bank account, and sleep at night.

I have now coexisted with these plants for some months and I feel I am getting the hang of things, and I am ready to share them with you, and tell you that you will probably not kill them either.

1. Various Monsteras

water: ●●●○○
light: ●●●○○
difficulty: ●●○○○

I am not gonna lie, I have had the Monstera Deliciosa for a couple of years now, and I have already shared it in this blog, but look at it! It’s so gorgeous I couldn’t resist to share it again. This spring/summer it grew five new leaves, and next growing season I am gonna have to give it a moss pole to hold on to, because things are getting out of hand.

The Monstera Adansonii, however, is a new addition. I purchased it this summer as a little house warming present to myself, whe it was so small no branches were hanging out of the pot yet. It has been super easy to take care of, watering abundantly once a week and keeping it in a bright spot. I hope next year it climbs all over my wall 😀

2. String of hearts

water: ●○○○○
light: ●●●●○
difficulty: ●●●○○

In my defense I will say, that I didn’t only buy plants, I propagated some too, like some crazy plant magician that creates life out of nowhere, and some other were presents. It seems to me that I acquired a bit of a reputation as a crazy plant lady.

This loooong string of hearts is an example of my magic propagation skills. I got this one a bit before lockdown, because I saw it in a friends apartment and I loved it, and it has grown quite a bit since then, because it’s a resilient little plant. I have not been the best plant mom to him: Strings of hearts like quite bright light, and for the first 6 months of having him (aparently we have stablished that it’s a he) we were living in a north-facing apartment and he was a good 3 meters away from the window. It wasn’t his happiest time, but he survived, and that’s all I care about. Now I have him close to a south facing window and since then the growth has increased by a lot. I do struggle with not watering him too much, and do lose some yellow leaves here and there when I overdo it, but overall, I would say I have found my rhythm with this plant.

3. Schefflera (umbrella tree)

water: ●●○○○
light: ●●●○○
difficulty: ●●○○○

This is another example of a plant I didn’t purchase, it was actually left in our apartment when we moved in. The Landlord told us we could throw it away and I had to clutch my pearls and gasp at that cruel thought.

I had to nurse them back to health, as they had been potted in pots with no draining holes and in a bunch of ceramic pebbles instead of soil, but they are doing much better now. One is even pushing out new growth as you can see in the second picture. I keep them close to the window and I am still trying to figure out just how much water they need, as they still drop a few leaves here and there, which makes me think I might be overwatering them.

4. All the Pothos

water: ●●●○○
light: ●●●○○
difficulty: ●○○○○

I never used to like pothos, something about the shape of their leaves, was just not my favourite… until I owned one. What a thankful little plant. I got a small one one year ago and it just won’t stop growing. I have propagated in (the plant in the middle is a propagation from my original one), I have given cuttings to friends, and now I just can’t get enough. This year I have added the pothos njoy (on the left of the shelf) and the neon pothos (on the right), which seem to be just as easy. If everything goes well I might add a marble queen to my collection next spring, and soon my house will be looking like a jungle!

Honestly, if you are a beginner, buy this plant. It will give you plenty of growth, and it will survive basically anywhere in your home. It will warn you with a couple yellow leaves if it’s unhappy, but it will bounce right back once you take the hint. It will allow you to create new baby plants and to share with your friends. What else can you ask for?

5. Peace Lillys

water: ●●●●○
light: ●●○○○
difficulty: ●●○○○

Just like the Umbrella Tree, the previous tenants were so kind to also leave behind a Peace Lilly. It had never been a plant I wanted to own, but I had heard great things about how tolerant they are to low light, and how they talk to you when they are in need of water. After owning it for two months I started to see what all the fuss was about: I could now decorate the darker areas of my house without fear, and I could be sure I wasn’t overwatering the plant because it looked so thirsty every fourish days.

It didn’t take me long to buy another one for the living room. It had flowers all summer long, which are now falling due to the shorter days. I doubt I will get many flowers next year because I plan to keep the plants in the dark areas of the flat, but I don’t mind it. My dining table has never looked better.

5. Pilea peperomioides

water: ●●●○○
light: ●●●○○
difficulty: ●●○○○

I am constantly impressed by how easily these guys root. We have a big Pilea in the office that was droping and its head was just getting too heavy, it looked like it was gonna snap at any point. So I simply cut the top section off and put it in water. Within two weeks it had a full root system, and now I have a new plant! The care for this plant is very easy, bright indirect light, water every week (ish), the only tricky part is remembering to rotate it regularly, otherwise it will start to lean and eventually drop, like the one we had in the office did.

When they get bigger they start to self propagate and create little babies that can easily be repotted, so I am looking forward to a Pilea army next summer.

The you have it. Five varieties of plants that are surviving after my very beginner care and that would probably survive under yours too. Let me know if you enjoy this type of posts and if there’s any more plant lovers out there.