Buying second hand items to make myself feel better about capitalism

This summer we have had to do without one of my favourite things about Munich: the flea markets. Having just moved to a new apartment, I would have loved being able to go furniture shopping somewhere other than Ikea. I did turn to Facebook marketplace, but it just doesn’t have the same charm, does it? So this fall I have made it my mission to find second hand shops that have a bit of that vintage feel. It’s hard to find larger items, but if what you are looking for is trinkets, small decor objects or clothing, then charity shops are the ones.

After a couple of visits to our local second hand shop, and a not so quick shopping spree in a vintage shop in Florence, I have collected some items, which I would love to share with you:

1. Blue Chashmere Sweater

As the stereotypical millennial that I am, last spring during lockdown, I downloaded tiktok and since then I have binged more content that I care to admit. That’s how I was introduced to cottagecore, and when fall arrived, I found myself wanting to add more pastels to my wardrobe (who? me? black white and neutrals girl?). This blue sweater is one of my Florence finds, and the first soft color addition to my wardrobe. It feels like a cloud and looks gorgeous combined with some golden jewlry. Will more pastel color items follow? Stay tuned…

2. Coffee Table Books

In my local charity shop I fond two shelves full of big coffee table books like the ones you see above. I couldn’t see the price, though, and when I asked the cashier I thought my German was betraying me and I wasn’t understanding her correctly… “1,50 per book? do you mean 15? 10,50? No? 1,50?… Alright let me have a closer look!” I ended up getting only three, mostly because I had some errands to run afterwards and my bag was getting pretty heavy already.
I got a catalogue of one of the biggest museums in Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne), an Architectural Digest from the 90s, and one full of pictures of Australia. They now decorate my shelves, and sometimes I pick them up and flicker through the beautiful pictures with Gilmore Girls in the background.

3. Tea Set

Not gonna lie, I haven’t used this set yet, and I have had it for maybe 2 months already… but boy does it look pretty on the shelves. I usually enjoy I huge mug of tea for myself, so when it’s just me it doesn’t really make sense to use this gorgeous tea pot, but someday we will get guests who enjoy tea, and when that day comes I will be the perfect host, bringing up my tea set, as if I did it every sunday afternoon. You wait and see, it’s gonna be great.
And did I mention that I paid 6 euro for the pot and six ceramic glasses? I mean… how could I say no?

4. Another Cashmere Sweater

Same Florence vintage shop, with my boyfriend patiently waiting sitting on some steps outside because the shop only allows two clients at once, and I just can’t seem to stop trying on cashmere sweaters. But boy, was it worth it! I think this might be my new favourite sweater that I own. The colour, the softness, the quarter length sleeves, and THAT NECKLINE. Excuse me? Who am I? Grace Kelly? Audrey Hepburn? Why do I feel compelled to graciously wave like the queen whenever I am wearing it?

Only downside I see is that with it being so beautiful and a color that combines with absolutely everything, it’s gonna be reaaally hard to wear anything else this winter.

5. All the notebooks

What am I doing with so many notebooks? That’s a good question. Currently I am using 5:

  • A small one exclusively for list
  • One with clear pages for drawings
  • One with lines as a journal
  • A diary to plan my week
  • An ugly one for work-related notes

And I just bought another one in Florence that is looking for a purpose. Ideas are welcome!

5. Sweet Wine Glasses

Do I drink sweet wine? I do not, but my mum does. And in my childhood home we used to have a sweet wine glass set similar to this one, from which my mum used to peacefully sip sweet wine in the evenings as we watched some television, so I couldn’t resist. Besides, they were 50 cent for the four of them so, why not? Maybe this winter I will buy myself a bottle of Jerez and try a glass in the evening like my mum does… maybe then I will understand the appeal of it. But until then, don’t they look pretty?

Are you also shopping your anxiety away in these times of lockdowns, pandemics and elections? Or are you being responsible and simply taking deep breaths instead? I would love to know ❀