Inside my sketchbook

All these dark evenings make me want to turn on Netflix already at 19pm, and do nothing but lay on my couch for three or four hours until bedtime comes around. And what is worse, I want to do that, while mindlessly scrolling throw my phone, because one screen at a time just doesn’t cut it anymore. I apparently need TWO devices to take my mind away from the shitshow of a year that has been 2020.

So I have been trying to cut my screen time from the embarrassing 6 hours per day down to the still embarrassing 4. In order to do so, I cannot just watch Netflix… no. That would still leave a couple of brain cells left to do the thinking and that is what we do not want. So instead, I doodle. I have been filling an old notebook with little drawings, some of them are too ugly to share here, but some others turned out nicely enough. So here’s some of them:

They are not much, but they help keep me sane, and what else can you ask for in time like these? What is something you are doing to help with your mental health? I would love to know ❤