I guess I don’t hate everything about Winter

February second, and I am typing this from my balcony, wrapped in a blanket and my fluffiest coat, while I enjoy the last minutes of daylight. Before moving to Munich I would have looked at myself and thought I was insane “It’s cold, girl. Go inside!”, but now it makes sense. It makes sense to enjoy the little joys the winter brings us, as small as they might seem to a Spanish girl like me. It makes sense that germans wear shorts when they come to Spain in March and the thermometer marks 16 degrees. I get it. Am I one of them now?

I was pretty afraid of this winter (still kinda am, not gonna lie). Of the combination of short days and cold weather with lockdown and corona restrictions, of needing therapy again because life feels just too difficult… but to my surprise I haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Who would have thought?

Instead of looking at Winter like something scary, something that I need to get over with so I can enjoy spring and summer, I am trying to look for the positives, to enjoy the little things, since we do not have big things to celebrate yet. And in the hopes that some gratitude will keep this serene attitude of mine going, here’s that list. Here are the things I don’t hate about winter.

1. Sunrises

I know this is not exclusive to winter, that I could do this every season if I wanted, but let’s be real… I am not waking up at 5 in the morning. Not even at 6. I am really enjoying waking up around 7 and doing yoga or having breakfast while the sun comes out, and being there, present, when the day starts. In every other season I just see the sunset, it’s only in winter that I can see both, and I had never thought of that before.

2. The Landscape

I am not really a fan of snow. I find it annoying, wet and slippery and oh so inconvenient. However, this year, with all the working from home we are doing I don’t actually have to fight the snow. I don’t have to do go the office if I know the commute is gonna be hell, so instead I can just enjoy the scenery when it’s convenient for me. I have been going on walks around the river, and I want to do down to a lake this month. It’s surprising how much more enjoyable snow is when I can choose when to enjoy it, and most importantly, when to avoid it.

3. The Coziness

Yeah yeah I know. Very basic and very frivolous, but who cares if it makes you happy? I got a new mug last November, that is now in constant wash rotation so I can keep drinking from it exclusively. A flannel 100% wool for the balcony so I can sit outside like I am doing right now. The softest pyjamas that make it really hard to put on real clothes in the morning. Taylor swift’s new album, Evermore. All silly things, all things that I can use any other season too… but that come to life during winter becoming much more special.

4. The Food

This year I was lucky enough to spend almost a month in Spain during Christmas (hello remote work), and you would think all I did was eat. My jeans barely fit, but my soul is happy. I had so many meals that reminded me of my childhood. So many hearty dishes that make your soul happy after spending time in the freezing outdoors. I am now looking for a traditional Spanish cookbook as my grandma is too old to remember all the recipes she used to make, and I want to keep making them forever.

Ok… so I only have four things… Still a lot for a winter hater like me. I am calling it a victory. I am hoping small moments of gratitude like these will help me live in the moment, and stop wishing my life away. Hopefully you can take some of this positivity with you, and you too are finding some small things to enjoy during these crazy times we are living.