Remembering Italy on Film

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic lately. Enjoying the memories of days past, because looking forward to the days ahead feels impossible. Planning little things to break down the months and the never ending strand of working days used to be my most efficient tool to make myself happy (or, in the winter, to simply keep my head above water). These days however, planning anything for anything further than a couple of days ahead seems too risky, too many chances for disappointment, almost as if I was simply lying to myself.

So instead, I look back. I read old diaries, go through my iphone searching for happy memories, or develop old film that I had forgotten about, like this one. From a short week trip Fletcher and I took to Italy a while back. In this gloomy snowy day, from my home office, these photos bring me a bit of joy.

As you can see, most of the pictures are from Venice, or the small islands surrounding it like Burano and Murano, which I loved. There was another roll of pictures from our following stays in Florence and Verona, but I seem to have misplaced it. Maybe it will show itself another day when I am feeling blue, and will give me another reason to smile. Let’s hope.

I love the feeling of this film. It almost looks like they belong inside some grandparents photo book. Like I will someday put them in a leather album and share them with our uninterested grandkids while sitting comfortably on the couch covered by a blanket. I wonder what else will be inside that album.

What are some things that are keeping you happy these days? I would love to know: I might need to try them out myself.