This summer I refuse to be uncomfortable

My favourite season of the year is finally here. The sun is shinning, the days are long, and dressing is oh so very easy. Come June I always do a quick wardrobe refresh: hide away the coats and sacarfs that Germany had me wearing until late May, bring down the bikinis so I am ready for my next lake trip. And every year I have to confront a couple of shorts that are getting a bit too short, or an open back dress that I have owned for 10 years and I can still not figure out how to wear (braless?? no, that’s too much).

But not this year. If working from home has taught me anything is that sweatpants are SO comfortable! And I like that level of confort. I don’t want to go back to the tight jeans, to always feeling like if only I lost a couple of pounds maybe my clothes would fit right. So I am wearing long skirts, flowy pants and dresses that allow me to go braless COMFORTABLY. Here’s a little sample of what I am talking about:

1. The wrap anything

Oh I love a wrap dress/skirt. They allow me to show off my figure and feel nice and put together, while also eating as much as I want and adjust the waist-band as the day progresses… best of both worlds if you ask me. To add to the comfort, I am only accepting long or midi lengths in my wardrobe. I want to be able to sit on the ground and move my legs around easily without the fear of flashing anyone. The bare necessities, you know?

2. The pants or skirt?

Another favourite of mine, are elasticated waist-bands. The dark green are pants, the gangnam print is a skirt, and they both share the same light fabric and flowy fit. I could honestly do the splits in both of these (if I could do the splits in the first place, that is), and I feel they are so versatile! you can wear them with sneakers and a t-shirt or high heels and a camisole and you are dressed for two completely different occasions.

3. The slip dress

This is something I never allowed myself to wear before because I had convinced myself it was not flattering. It doesn’t hug the thinnest part of my body because, well, it doesn’t really hug anything, does it? I have found wearing a bag cross body forces the fabric to mold to your body a bit more, and show the curves that hide underneath… but most importantly, I shouldn’t care if it’s not that flattering, because it’s SO PRACTICAL. Seriously throw on sandals and a bag and the outfit is done, and not only that, but it looks put together too!

4. The no-bra dress

And last but by no means least, I have officially cracked the code for going braless (if your boob size is around mine, of course): tight, elasticated materials. I have a couple dresses with that glorious ribbed cotton that are as comfortable as wearing a bralette without the heat of actually wearing an extra layer. This one in particular only has that ribbed material in the back, but I have another one with it all over for which I have seen a lot of dupes in H&M and Arket this summer.

Those are the staples I will be wearing this summer when I cannot just lay in a bikini next to the closest body of water. What about you? What items are you loving this summer? I would love to know.